Monday, August 11, 2008

Contest updates....

I love hosting parties and my birthday is no exception. This year for my birthday (June 6th) I had all my friends over and decided to do grilled pizzas. I thought it would be fun for everyone to pick their own toppings so of course I had way too many and I cheated my using the package pizza crust instead of my own. I have never made grilled pizza before and I have to admit it's the best I've ever had. I will make my own crust from scratch next time, but with so many people coming over I had to cheat to make things easier on me. It was my birthday after all.

Well the point of this post is to thank my brother Chad for taking this picture of me. Why you might ask since it's way past my birthday......well......because it won me a Grand Prize in the Red White and Blue Rhino Contest!!!!! To be honest it's not the most flattering picture of me, it was so hot outside, but it was fun and casual which I loved. Now we'll have a new grill to cook on and be able to use all that BBQ sauce from Cattlemen's Contest.

I also got a FedEx packet Friday evening letting me know I made the top 20 in the 7up contest. Sad news is that if I make the top 7 to go to Miami I will have to turn them down because that's when we leave for our Alaska vacation. It's a bummer, but makes me realize that even if I don't get picked for all the contest I enter I'm still good enough to make it to the top every once in a while. The prizes are great, but I love being inspired by the ingredients required and pushing myself to think outside the box.

As soon as I return my affidavit and get my new grill I'll post a picture of it along with a tasty new recipe. Woohoo!!!


  1. Cool pize!! And I think it's a very nice picture of you. Congratulations!

  2. Congrats to you! And Happy Birthday!


  3. What a cute picture! Grilled pizza is great, I use store bought dough all the time.

    Hope you have a great time on your Alaska vacation, must have been a really hard decision. Congratulations on the top 20 and hope you had a great B-day.

  4. Again, congratulations! Very nice picture.

  5. Huge Congrats and a happy B day too.

  6. Congrats on 7-Up! I haven't entered a contest in ages...