Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some last minute decorating ideas

Just in case you are in need of some last minute decorating ideas here's a peak at what I did this year. I went cranberry crazy. After making the flavored vodka I had a bunch left over so what better to do then decorate with them.

They work great to string and use as a garland and use on a wreath, float them in a dish with some candels, fill a large vase with a smaller vase and in between the two fill with cranberries, the smaller vase can then be filled with water and flowers. That's just a few ideas.

Really any fruit would work and I always think the look so pretty using fresh fruit.

I took some candles and lined a tray then filled in the spaces with cranberries.

For this cute stand I took a small cake stand and put my cute star dish on top filled it with cheese and filled in the bottom spaces with cranberries.

Many wishes for a warm and joyous holiday to you from our family to yours!!


  1. Allie, you've really created a beautiful holiday for your family and friends. Hugs and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas. Mary

  2. I really hope that you, Darrin and Mocha had a wonderful Christmas. The decor is great! Will see you Tuesday!