Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funny world of recipe contest...

So I went home at lunch to let my puppy dog out and we went for a quick walk to check the mail. I opened an envelope and inside it said - Congratulations you are a winner!

Apparently I won 2nd place and for the prize you win a Tapas Party Cookbook.

When you get into recipe contesting it's a whole new world and job in itself. I have pendiflex folders to sort out upcoming contest with all the rules printed on contest I plan to enter and then another folder sorted by announcement month of contest I have entered. I then have a 3rd folder for ideas. Often times you forget about a contest because it's months later before they announce. The reason I'm sharing this info is because I was about to announce my excitment on the message board of a contest site I'm a member of when I read someone else had won 2nd place. I had to pull the "Experience the Heart of Spain" contest info and re-read the details and it says -

"RANDOM DRAW FOR SECONDARY PRIZES: On or about November 17, 2008, all remaining eligible entrants will be automatically entered into a random drawing to determine the five hundred (500) winners of the Secondary Prizes."

So the funny thing to me is that I placed 2ndish along with 499 other people! Oh well, I'm thankful that I was picked and I'll never turn down a cookbook. (If you ask my husband and I'm sure he'll try to mail you some just to make room and probably thinks I would never know!)

You win some and you loose some, but at least I gave it my all! Best of luck to all of my other contesting buddies, I know it's tough out there and if you're interested in getting into it contact me and I'll help you out on where to get started.


  1. Cool that you still get the cookbook. Your buttered rum looks delicious.

  2. Ah, that has happened to me before. Forgetting what the winning 2nd, 3th, or 4th prizes might be for any contest.
    I think most of us that are addicted to cooking contests, go for the GP first when we make a choice if we are going to enter a contest. Others that are not into this addiction don't realize how much work we put into our contest recipes especially if it is a big contest. Sending several recipes and cooking the recipe several times to see if we think we have a winner. I know a lot of my noncooking friends think I just whip up these recipes easily. LOL

  3. Congrats! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

  4. I love getting cookbooks as prizes, you really can never have too many cookbooks, especially us crazy contesters!

  5. Keep your sense of humor and keep on smiling. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Mary